All You Need Is To Listen.

Soundworlds is not just a podcast. It’s an audio stage for diverse stories told in extraordinary ways. It’s a place for an exciting new form of audio drama that we call sonic theatre.

Created by musicians, writers, theatre-makers and sound artists, sonic theatre pieces are more than radio plays. They’re immersive sound worlds, intoxicating blends of music and storytelling, sound design, documentary and fiction.

Our inaugural season of work includes commissions from adventurous artists from the world of independent music, alongside some of the most innovative recent music theatre productions, reimagined as audio performances.



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Soundworlds is directed by Patrick Eakin Young
Produced by Eleanor Turney
Season artwork by Jonah Sack



Daniel Thorne / Peter Broderick / Douglas Dare

Three new sonic theatre commissions from the Erased Tapes roster

To cap off our first season, Soundworlds has partnered with London-based record label Erased Tapes, ‘one of the most important record labels of the last few years’ (Gilles Peterson). Founded in 2007, the label quickly developed its own distinct sonic profile, somewhere on the boundaries of ambient, classical and electronic music.

We’ve commissioned new sonic theatre pieces from three artists on the Erased Tapes roster, each reflecting on the concept of ‘home’. Composer-saxophonist Daniel Thorne contrasts sensuous memories from his childhood home in Perth, Australia, and from his current home in Liverpool. Multi-instrumentalist and singer Peter Broderick takes us on a wander around the landscapes of his own adopted home on the west coast of Ireland. And singer-songwriter Douglas Dare invites the listener on a euphoric night out his chosen family: the fabulous denizens of London's queer East End.

Written, performed and recorded under varying states of lockdown, Home Tapes uses storytelling, music and binaural sound design to create a vivid sense of shared place and rekindle a spirit of hospitality at a time of enforced alienation.

A Soundworlds commission

Post-show discussion:
Musician Douglas Dare and Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths discuss the project with Soundworlds director Patrick Eakin Young.
Two Different Skies:
Written, composed and performed by Daniel Thorne
Editing and dramaturgy by Patrick Eakin Young

Local Landscapes in the West of Ireland:

Written, performed and recorded by Peter Broderick
Dramaturgy by Patrick Eakin Young
Music derived from the album Blackberry, courtesy of Erased Tapes. Published by Erased Tapes Music

Coming Home:

Composed, performed and recorded by Douglas Dare
Written by Patrick Eakin Young, from interviews with the artist

Mixed for Soundworlds by
Ross Flight

Produced by
Eleanor Turney 

Daniel Thorne, Peter Broderick and Douglas Dare appear courtesy of Erased Tapes. Find out more at

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