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Soundworlds is not just a podcast. It’s an audio stage for diverse stories told in extraordinary ways. It’s a place for an exciting new form of audio drama that we call sonic theatre.

Created by musicians, writers, theatre-makers and sound artists, sonic theatre pieces are more than radio plays. They’re immersive sound worlds, intoxicating blends of music and storytelling, sound design, documentary and fiction.

Our second season runs from November 2021 to April 2022, with new releases every fortnight, delivered direct to your podcast app or streamable here for free.

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Soundworlds is directed by Patrick Eakin Young
Produced by Eleanor Turney & George Warren
Season 2 artwork by Sydney Smith
Season 1 artwork by Jonah Sack



Club Gewalt


A sonic theatre podcast based on a concept album based on a theatre show based on a documentary based on a French guy who tightrope walked between the Twin Towers in 1974 (based on a dream).

Early one summer morning in 1974, unsuspecting New York pedestrians were treated to the spectacular sight of high-wire artist Philippe Petit walking back and forth between the Twin Towers. The stunt lasted 45 minutes and later became the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary.

Forty years later, one of Europe’s most exciting young theatre collectives turned to the legend of Philippe Petit to explore their own dreams as artists in their high-energy, electro-pop-fuelled debut production. Subsequently reimagined as a concept album and series of live music-video performances, Man on Wire helped to solidify Club Gewalt’s reputation as a company whose work ‘looks like nothing else on the European stage’ (The New York Times).

Now Soundworlds is delighted to be bringing it to international audiences in a new iteration, which considers the role of inspiration, ambition and risk in art.

Soundworlds presents a new podcast adaptation of the 2014 production / 2015 album by Club Gewalt.

Post-show discussion:
Club Gewalt’s Sanna Elon Vrij and Robbert Klein in conversation with Soundworlds director Patrick Eakin Young
Concept, recording and editing (audio documentary):
Sanna Elon Vrij, Robbert Klein & Gerty van de Perre

Patrick Eakin Young

Composed by
Annelinde Bruijs, Robbert Klein & Amir Vahidi

Lyrics by
Erik-Ward Geerlings

Concept and vocals (music):
Annelinde Bruijs, Dook van Dijck, Loulou Hameleers, Suzanne Kipping, Robbert Klein, Gerty van de Perre, Amir Vahidi & Sanna Elon Vrij

Music mixed and mastered by
Bo Koek

Soundworlds mixing:
Ross Flight

MAN ON WIRE — The Audio Documentary is a production of Stichting CLUB GEWALT

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