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Soundworlds is not just a podcast. It’s an audio stage for diverse stories told in extraordinary ways. It’s a place for an exciting new form of audio drama that we call sonic theatre.

Created by musicians, writers, theatre-makers and sound artists, sonic theatre pieces are more than radio plays. They’re immersive sound worlds, intoxicating blends of music and storytelling, sound design, documentary and fiction.

Accolades for Soundworlds Season 2:
Best Fiction Podcast (Winner, British Podcast Awards)
Creativity Award (Runner Up, British Podcast Awards)
Best Use of Sound (Winner, BBC Audio Drama Awards)
Best Podcast Drama (Finalist, BBC Audio Drama Awards)
Creative Innovation Award (Runner Up, ARIAS)

Best Scripted Fiction Podcast Episode (Finalist, Webbys)

Our second season ran from November 2021 to April 2022, and featured eight episodes that can be streamed online here or downloaded via any podcasting app. Season 3 begins production soon...

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Soundworlds is directed by Pat Eakin Young
Produced by Eleanor Turney & George Warren
Season 2 artwork by Sydney Smith
Season 1 artwork by Jonah Sack

S2 E06


Joana Nastari / Char Bickley

A new audio adaptation of Joana Nastari’s award-winning theatrical love letter to strippers

Soundworlds is delighted to present this reimagining of writer and performer Joana Nastari’s debut play Fuck You Pay Me, which enthralled audiences and smashed stereotypes back in 2019, with its deeply nuanced, furiously political and frequently hilarious exploration of sex work.

We follow phone-addict and secret stripper Holly as she navigates a typical shift at a London strip club: a workplace like any other, with its moments of boredom and frustration, camaraderie and competition, secret crushes on co-workers and tiresome encounters with difficult clients. Yet the mundanity is soon disrupted when an ominous voice message arrives, which forces Holly to confront the shame and stigma which still afflict sex workers across our society.

Playing with the real and imagined intimacies of the strip club and theatre, WORK invites the listener to share Holly’s world in intimate detail, with richly textured ASMR-inspired sound design and a banging favela-funk score by DJ and composer Char Bickley that carries us through the night’s adrenaline-fuelled highs and crushing lows, to the commute home.
Directed by
Bethany Pitts

Written by
Joana Nastari

Music by
Char Bickley

Sound design and mixing:
Ross Flight

Dramaturgy by
Bethany Pitts & Pat Eakin Young

Episode producer:
Ellen Spence

Holly: Joana Nastari
Phone: Chloe Petts
 Gabriela García
 Shian Denovan
Kitty/Host: Maedb Joy
Bill/Ben/Stephen: Tom Andrews

David/Lars/DJ/Barman: Omar Ibrahim

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